HABITAT for ARTISTS is a an artist run group that explores the nature of creativity, the role of the artist in our communities and how to create dialog with a new audience.

The catalyst for these explorations and dialog are small 6 x 6, temporary, reusable Studios that HFA installs in a variety of locations within a community, from Main Street to farms and parks. HFA invites artists from the community to work in the studios and evolve different work practices, engaging with the public and posing questions relevant to sustainable practice.

I became a core collaborator with Habitat for Artists in 2010. Featured here are four projects from four iterations of HFA including: "How Much? How Little? The Space to Create" for the Corcoran Museum of Art and Washington, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities's 5 x 5 Temporary Public Art Project; "Art Pac Kit" that was commissioned by Arts Brookfield for the New Museum's Ideas City; and "P² L² Von Oboat Museum of Teen Intersts" for the Kingston Art Lab at the Kingston Library in Kingston, NY.